TT Cable Management and Cooling - Extreme Edition
26 July, 2018 by
TT Cable Management and Cooling - Extreme Edition
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I hate cables, especially ribbon cables like SCSI and IDE. Ever since I got Thunder (and Storm) I've been looking for a solution that plugs straight into Thunder. Challenge has been to a) find something small enough b) connector in right orientation c) high enough capacity. Never found anything close enough. Ideally I wanted a Compact Flash solution. Then I ran into TrueIDE that I bought from the lovely folks at Shipment was super fast and they included a nice Amiga postcard with a personal message. Thank you very much if you are reading.

TrueIDE checks all criteria apart from size. I wanted this to work. After I tested it with conventional methods with a brand new SanDisk Extreme 32GB CF and got it running at over 5500kbitsbytes per seconds (yay!) I knew this was meant to be. After careful measurements I had a plan ready. You can imagine my apprehension by looking at the pictures below. 

Yes, I know I could have done this without soldering by getting a DIN 41612 connector like the cards here have and just sandwich it between. But I was too eager to get it done. Also, have I mentioned I like soldering? And it's easy to reverse, flux and wick.

The keenest and most perceptive among you will notice three things. First, TrueIDE is missing the second connector. Yes, had to remove it as it wouldn't fit otherwise. No warranty for me. Second, there's an adapter below TrueIDE. Unfortunately the Master side is the "wrong" side. Otherwise it wouldn't have needed a riser but I quickly soldered one from a ribbon connector and same header strips I used in Thunder. Thirdly, I had to remove the header on Thunder to make room. All small sacrifices as it is a "great success".

So here we have my setup so far. PicoPSU, Lightning, Thunder, Storm, Mach64 is out of the frame. Next plan is to relocate it to the hard drive bay. I have a neat idea for the USB ports! Stay tuned for that.

Aaand here is my cooling solution. Noctua 120x120mm and 15mm thick. 15mm is crucial. Here it is on Noctua's website.

But will it fit???

LOL! Obviously temporary but such a nice fit and soo quiet. It moves air nicely through the top vents. I call this a success!

Here is a bonus speed report. It actually is kilobytes and readme confirms it as well. 

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