Introduction: Secrets of Geneva - by Al Fasoldt
Tips and tricks in getting the most of of Gribnif's amazing Geneva, the multitasking environment for Atari ST, TT and Falcon computers
18 July, 2019 by
Introduction: Secrets of Geneva - by Al Fasoldt
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Geneva, the multitasking operating environment from Gribnif Software, is perhaps the most powerful application that can be run on an Atari ST, TT or Falcon. This is impressive enough, but what is even more unusual is the ease with which Geneva integrates itself into the way Ataris have always operated. You need not learn anything new to make use of Geneva, and you don't have to get rid of any old habits.

But Geneva's power runs as deep as it runs wide. Many of the features of Geneva are not obvious, and some are even obscure. The documentation that Gribnif supplies with Geneva abounds with explanations and examples, which, as most of us who write documentation know, most users will never read. They want to get their hands on the program right away, intending to look at the documentation later. And, of course, "later" never comes.


Perhaps companies such as Gribnif should offer enticements for customers to read and study documentation. Maybe each page should have a hidden code that holds the key to a discount or a cash reward, offering a prize on every page. Or maybe computer users, all of us, should try a little harder to learn how to read.


This essay is an attempt to encourage that. It is not a replacement for or supplement to the Geneva manual. Much of the information here will not make sense unless you are able to consult the manual, which you should do whenever something is not clear.


I must also add that this essay is not in any way intended to help those who have acquired Geneva illegally. If your copy of Geneva came without a manual, you do not have a legal copy, and you do not have a right to keep it. Fortunately, there is an easy way to get the manual, and a second copy of the software, without pain and trauma: Pick up the phone, call Gribnif, and order a copy. Then toss out the copy that you stole. Your mother will love you for it, and Gribnif will respect you. With love and respect and Geneva to boot, who could ask for more?

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